Diet guru Bob Harper concocts 'Skinny Meals' for delicious weight loss : Recipe

After working on “The Biggest Loser” for years, celebrity trainer Bob Harper decided to create his own weight loss plan based on what really worked for …
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Kick in the Tush Tuesday: 5 Tax Day Money Rituals Sure to Manifest Mammoth Returns

As today is Income Tax Day, Our Lady of Weight Loss and I share, here, with you the most powerful money rituals ever, which are sure to manifest …
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Dessert of the Month: Gluten-Free Jam Dot Cookies

When made with different colors of jam, these little cookies are reminiscent of a pretty collection of jewels. They satisfy both the need for something nutty and crisp and any desire for big fruity flavors — all in one bite. The combination of whole-grain flours, ground coconut and maple complSee all stories on this topic

Industry Veterans Join Robust Roster of ViSalus Promoters

LOS ANGELES, April 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — ViSalus, Inc., the company behind the #1 90-Day weight-loss and fitness challenge platform in North …
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